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May 11, 2010
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June 15, 2010

Purposeful Living…

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. Rumi

In Canterbury we tend to hibernate as winter looms and we naturally begin to prioritise activities and outings, preferring the allure of our snug homes and the comfort that it brings. I encourage my clients to introduce a theme of living with purpose in winter. Doing things you really love and appreciate with a purposeful intent in mind. It doesn’t mean forgetting about goals you have set yourself, in fact it may be just the accompanient that you need in order to feel more energised and focused.

Try attaching a new sense of higher purpose to important key life areas as you springboard into the winter months. Although injured myself I have encouraged friends to run the SBS marathon this coming weekend as the NZ Spinal Trust is the chosen charity recipient. My friends enjoy the personal achievement of running but adding in a charity focus makes the run more meaningful for them on a whole lot of different levels. My son is also running and has set up his own fundraising page in order to raise his goal of $100 for charity. He can be a bit if a dreamer usually so I am amazed to see his sense of focus and the thrill he is getting from contributing to something bigger than himself. Go Nikau!

A starting point may well be to ask yourself some simple yet powerful questions!

  • what does purposeful living mean to me?
  • what activities and adventures do I absolutely love doing?
  • what are my energy ebbs and lows during the day?
  • how do I feel when I am in the midst of what I love?
  • what higher purpose connects me to the things I love?

It may well be a sense of sharing or giving…to friends, family, your community, a school, a charity..where else can you make a difference in your life and in others?

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