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February 2, 2010
Goals in Action
February 16, 2010

Routeburn Classic click here to see what inspired me to try this baby!

Motivation is the force that draws you to move toward something. At the start of a New Year we are generally all highly motivated to achieve goals, carry out tasks and responsibilities in all areas of our lives. How we approach each goal, task, job etc may vary depending on our skills, knowledge and confidence about moving forward. As I began study last week my peer group reflected and asked “what is my pre dominant motivational style?” What I discovered is that it depends largely on the situation or task at hand.  The key is your awareness to each style and using strategies that get you the best possible outcome.

What is your Motivational Style?

Away -from

Avoiding what you don’t like. I lack a degree of confidence with most things IT (just ask my husband!) through a lack of knowledge and general feeling that I don’t really need to know or use alot of the forums for social networking for example.

What if I were to imagine an outcome where I was connecting online not only friends and colleagues but a wider group of like minded people? A place where I was able to be part of a wider local and global community? Sudddenly my IT challenges were just getting in the way of my desire to connect and communicate!

Outcome: I am now on Facebook (it was so easy, I can’t believe I haven’t done it earlier!) and looking at other social networks to join. I identified an outcome that I truly wanted and experienced that state which energised and engaged me to take action.


This style is heavy laden with the shoulds and coulds, harsh language that is usually highly critical of oneself. By shifting strategy to a more gentle internal voice that is encouraging, our language changes to  “I want to…” or “It will be great to…”


When we procrastinate we are simply lacking tools and strategies that support us to move forward, one step at a time. As Stephen Covey says, “begin with the end in mind” so take some time to imagine the task or goal completed. How are your feeling about having completed your goal? No doubt it brings with it a sense of achievement and you are enjoying your success. Let that motivate you to do one action that moves you forward towards your desired outcome. You will experience a sense of momentum that pulls you forward towards the next action and before you know it you are in the flow.


We have all been there, that feeling of helplessness as the big picture disables us from seeing way forward clearly. Brian Tracey in “Eat that Frog!” suggests eating the biggest frog of the day first, ie the biggest task, job on your list. This enables us to chunk down the priorities that fill our day into manageable bites that yield us the biggest results.

Good as done

My 2010 fitness goal is a good example of this in action. Having run a marathon last year I am feeling more comfortable with my next challenge, the Routeburn Classic. In fact I can visualise the race and the feeling of achievement I am going to feel to the point where in my mind it’s as good as done. I have shifted to the point of experiencing the goal outcome before actually doing anything! The strategy here is to observe this and reinforce the actions (training in this case) that are necessary to get you to your goal. In other words you still have to do the hard yards.

“Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous” Confucius

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