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February 16, 2010
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April 12, 2010

When saying No means saying Yes…

It’s not what you think by the way. Who hasn’t been struck down with juggling and struggling syndrome already this year? SO what are the symptoms?

  •  Generally feeling  overwhelmed and under valued as we attempt to win the “Earth Mother” or “Super Woman” of the year award. Week in and week out, our panel of enlightened judges (partner; children; boss; colleagues; friends; parents; society) see our worth and value by the sheer volume of activites, tasks, responsilbilites, jobs, committments we bravely take on.
  •  Lack of self identity and connection…what is it I am doing again and can someone remind me why the hell this is so important to me?
  • Being on auto pilot while the real you (you know… the interesting, fun,vivacious, engaging you) flits off  for example, to Toni’s world where life is rather more colourful , more exciting, a place or space that allows you to shine, to flourish, to feel joy and feel alive.
  • No energy to go above and beyond the call of duty! That may resonate for you in different ways. Perhaps facing your exercise regime for the week is daunting due to the lack of sleep or self care you are able to give yourself. Perhaps your partner can see it written all over your face at the the end of the day as you send them a very powerful, non-negotiable message.

Whatever the symptoms are I am sure you can relate to them easily as they factor into your weekly life to some degree or another. If you have no symptoms, congratulations and please step forward to share your own remedy for eradication from this syndrome!

Awareness (of the symptoms) leads to clarity (about your reality) which leds to growth. Awareness of what you are feeling and how this is impacting on your life will allow you to make wiser choices which will lead to greater awareness and growth so on.

Effective personal strategies and tools to overcome ‘juggling and struggling’

  • Say No….to tasks, committments, jobs, activities which are not a priority to you and what you value. Saying No allows you to say Yes to what is of utmost importance to you. It allows you space and time to direct your energy towards goals and outcomes that you value and are of benefit to you. It liberates  and allows us to breathe in a far more vibrant energy that creates its own intrnal flow, which in turn ripples into other areas of our life and beyond.
  • Simplify your life… the older I get the more simple my life becomes, this is true. Connect with your values, what personal meaning do they have for you? Knowing and living your values will enable you to make wise choices and decisions along the road map of life. (I will explore values in a future blog)
  • Work and live smarter applying the 80/20 rule or what is known as the ‘pareto principle’. 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results. So identify the top 20% of your goals, tasks, responsibilites and committments and focus your energy on these. The results will speak for themselves.
  • Focus on life management rather than time management. Do this by consciously focusing on the energy that you bring to daily tasks and you will begin to naturally priortise various aspects of your life. When you really think about it, things often don’t get done not because we didn’t have the time but because we didn’t have the required energy to match or complete the task. (The early morning run I flagged last week comes to mind!)

So, what do you choose?

Perhaps this little gem of a clip will inspire you…enjoy!

What do you choose?

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