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March 9, 2010
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April 19, 2010

Week 3…it ain’t about me! (Now it’s about the team of three)

The non existent blogging on training towards the Routeburn equates to the amount of running I have been doing…zip. A degenerative achilles tendon diagnosis has renegaded me to support chick as the girls carry on the hard yards without me. It was a testy month of non running in an attempt to rest and rejuvenate. But it did make me question and process my own inner resourcefulness which is why I raise it here.

Goals are easy to set if they follow the rule of being S.M.A.R.T it’s hard to go wrong. So what happens when unforeseen obstacles land in our lap as we are trying to steer our course towards our ultimate goal? We often meet resistance, an inner feeling of turmoil that confuses and attacks our confidence and belief in ourselves. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” but where exactly do we get going to when the goal posts have been shifted? What helps us dig deeper and look beyond the initial feeling of resistance we experience to make better choices and decisions?

Resistance meet Resourcefulness! I believe all my clients own an abundance of resourcefulness, I trust in their ability to grow deep and tall,to overcome obstacles and challenges and keep their eye on the bigger picture…their future dreams and aspirations. It has been humbling to experience my own resistance and find my own inner resourcefulness, which I didn’t accomplish on my own. Your support team comes into their own when you face challenges. Two conversations helped me process my inevitable withdrawal from the Routeburn and one came from a surprising source. A colleague who knew nothing about running  still helped me really ‘hear’ my thoughts and fears (and perhaps I am sure she was thinking, my sanity!) The other, someone who knows me well and just gently nudged me along…away from my own resistance to a more liberating space of opportunities and choices.

The internal dialouge we  have with ourselves is often self destructive and keeps us in a holding pattern of self crictism that serves no positive purpose. Conversations with friends, family, colleagues allow us to process things out loud which often removes the fear of our own thoughts, enabling us to move from the stuck position we find ourselves in. The same can be said with writing down your thoughts…often words lose their fear of hold over us as they sprawl across a page. The journal writers amongst you will be able to relate to this.

What does resourcefulness require of us?

  • acknowledging the obstacles and challenges we face
  • an ability to see our current reality as a choice with options available to shift our reality
  • being kind to ourselves!
  • being resilient and positive in attitude and actions
  • looking within ourselves first for skills, attributes and personal qualities
  • seeking strengths from others to support us

 My own resourcefulness lead to letting go of one race in order to run many more over the next decade (including the NY marathon 2013 goal); look forward to walking the Routeburn track with my family; support and cheer my friends at the finish line; enjoy walking as the seasons change; explore new exercise options that I may not have otherwise given ago; spend more time enjoying cooking and entertaining…the list of opportunities goes on!

So the glass is really half full, depending solely on how you wish to view your glass or the lens through which you see life. So dig deep next time you strike adversity, seek within you what you already know you have. You’ll be surprised by your own strengths and successes.

No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious. George Bernard Shaw

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