Q and A

How can personal coaching work for me?

Life Coaching is a co-active partnership between a coach and client wherein a coach helps  expand their client’s self awareness, provides you with support, motivation, a framework for skill building as you focus on your personal life challenges and goals.

A coach is a trusted confidante, an experienced listener, skilled challenger and independent sounding board that helps you create and define the successes you want to achieve in life. Coaching focuses on the individual potential of each client, enabling and empowering them to move forward positively, realising their goals and aspirations.

How can counselling help me?

At its core, counselling represents a helping therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor who are both engaged in a purposeful process  to find successful solutions to the issues  and challenges. The intention of the relationship is to gain a greater level of understanding and enhanced self awareness that will help facilitate therapeutic change and growth in the client’s life.

A counsellor is an empathetic non-judgmental listener, congruent in their engagement and attuned to an unconditional positive regard for their client and their needs.

Why choose a trained and professional affiliated Coach or Counsellor?

By engaging  with a professional coach you can feel comfortable they adhere to the core competencies of their professional body and uphold a high level of coaching knowledge and skill level.

As a full member of NZAC, you know your Counsellor has completed an approved Counselling Training Programme, completed over 500 client face to face hours, undergoes regular clinical supervision, abides by the NZAC Code of Ethics and attends regular professional training and development.

How do I select the best practitioner to work with?

Firstly, do your homework. Look at a variety of websites and get a feel for the different services offered and what you require. Speak with at least two to three coaches and or counsellors to see who you connect with best and feel most comfortable with. Ask them about their training, their skill level and experience with clients. They should be able to provide you with a client testimonials so that you can gauge their client success.

At Flourish Coaching high personal and professional standards are guaranteed. We abide by the ICF and NZAC code of ethics respectively.

What do sessions actually involve?

Appointments occur regularly (usually weekly or fortnightly) at a scheduled time either by phone or in person. Coaching and Counselling sessions last an hour with follow up email support and client review feedback provided regularly.

This format sustains your enthusiasm and determination to ensure that the benefits are lasting. Flourish offers a flexible approach to accommodate the individual needs of each client. These include one off session’s right through to coaching plans of six to twelve sessions duration which is optimal.