Personal Coaching

 Coaching can support you with:

  • addressing key life areas: career, health and well being, relationships, self care and leisure, life management, transitions, work, personal and professional growth.
  • exploring what’s working, what you wish to improve and map a life goal plan that delivers sustainable results and outcomes.
  • connect to a value committed and authentic life, gaining greater self awareness, clarity and growth.


In person coaching

One on one in person coaching in a safe and comfortable professional space.


Tele-Coaching or Skype Coaching

One on one personal tele-coaching or skype sessions are conveniently designed for clients who live anywhere in the world.

Tele-coaching plans are offered in the same way as face to face coaching and can be tailored to the individual client’s needs.


My approach:

I work from a solution focused and integrated approach, drawing on a range of tools and evidence based frameworks from a variety of coaching modalities, primarily co-active coaching and ACT aligned processes.