April 19, 2010
Winter Well being
June 2, 2010

I had a colourful catch up conversation with some coaching colleagues the other day, complete with an “ahaa!” moment. My colleague said ” I just gave myself permission to….” well did the lights go on at home!

I really connected to his comment. What would happen if I gave myself permission? As soon as I asked that question lots of answers flooded my way and as I processed each response I felt lighter, calmer and kind of excited. If you are a goal focused, action orientated high expectations type of gal you may well ponder the same question, and put the exercise to the test. Here were my results.

I gave myself permission to….let my injury go…along with the disappointment and frustration!

I gave myself permission to….get over a financial limiting belief and be open to new knowledge and learnings which led to action and freedom!

I gave myself permission to…step outside my professional comfort zone and embrace a new working challenge

I gave myself permission to…dance in the kitchen with Ellen whilst preparing dinner!

I gave myself permission…to do what felt right for me on Mother’s Day and just be with day: the good , the bad, the ugly

I gave myself permission to…ring my Mum’s cellphone to hear a voice long lost

I gave myself permission to…pretend

I gave myself permission to take back the power of a date, a day, a memory.

Without realising at the time as the week flowed by I was reframing situations, expectations and actions that perhaps I wouldn’t have otherwise allowed myself to do. Reframing is like moving the picture frame to encapsulate a different perspective, to shed new light on possibilites, options and opportunites. The power lies in our ability to know that our frame is just our particular perspective that we choose to hang  on to. How does it look from the other side? What have I not seen before? What is missing from this picture?

So give yourself permission to… do something new, think something different or feel something that you haven’t felt for a while and wait…and listen for the learnings that you can only teach yourself.

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for” John Lubbock

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