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January 16, 2010
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February 8, 2010

It’s not about the race…

marathon mama's feet

Did you achieve your goals last year? Now is the perfect time to reflect on your results, what challenges you faced and how you go about tackling your new goals in 2010. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail!

I define BIG goals as ‘break through’ goals…those that challenge your belief system or stretch you beyond your comfort zone. I love this quote, “growth is just outside your comfort zone!” My break through goal last year was  running a marathon. This goal challenged what I believed I could do physically and mentally. Perfect!

At the start of last year my internal dialouge went something like this… ” I would love to run a marathon one day, it would be great to tick that off my list.” “There is no way I could run past 21k’s…the training would kill me”   (Notice my language and limiting beliefs). When I felt brave enough I began having external conversations with friends, usually over a wine or two… It went something like this…”I wouldn’t mind doing the Auckland Marathon this year, if you girls are keen.We could enter and train and at least commit to the half, what do ya reckon?”

Once I actually put the thoughts ‘out there’ it didn’t seem so scary. My mental shift occurred around my belief that I could actually run a marathon.  Once my belief changed a goal emerged and action happened. At that point I just focused on the end result, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there, but I certainly had a vision of the finish line, however far away it seemed to be! I love looking at this picture of those marathon mamas feet and all they represent. A journey of growth, of support and belief in one another. Mine are the dirty, well trodden shoes by the way!

BIG goals do not just happen. They require a plan, a vision and S.M.A.R.T action. In 2010 I am doing the Routeburn Classic, a 32k run on the Routeburn Track in Fiordland. It’s a new goal, just as scary in some ways as a marathon due to the unknown elements like the track, the conditions and the undulating distance. Perfect. Way out of my comfort zone! It’s also a great opportunity to share with you S.M.A.R.T action in progress. Hopefully it will give you an insight or tips that you can apply to your own ‘break through goals’ for 2010.

Week 11:

  • Visualise and define and own your goal -make it fun!).
  • Breakdown what needs to be done to a workable weekly plan.
  • Write the plan down! (Sounds simple advice but the more you ‘think on paper’ the more your goals become action in reality in your daily life.

 ‘Team Routeburn Challenge’

On the 24th of April 2010 I will run the 38k Routeburn Classic with my running buddies and enjoy the experience!


1. Enter Race. Check

2. Rally friends to partcipate as well (great form of accountability, support and fun). Check

3. Devise Fun Run Programme. (Notice word ‘training’ omitted from vocabularly)

4. Schedule each fun run into weekly diary a week in advance- my self care appointments with myself.

S =Specific “is my goal specific, can I clearly define it?”

M= Measureable “how can I measure my success with this goal, what will be my outcome?”

A= Achieveable “given all the resources and skills I have, am I able to accomplish this goal?”

R= Realistic “at this point in time, taking into consideration all aspects of my life, am I able to commit to this goal?”

T=Timely “is this the best space and time to be tackling this, does it rate as a high priority in my life?”

That’s enough for this week. Keep checking in for updates. There will be ups and downs I promise!

Routeburn Classic 

Click here to view what inspired me in the first place to take this baby on!

” Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be”  Henry David Thoreau

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